You have probably just learnt the health benefits of reading and how reading can make you a better person and you have decided to start a daily reading habit. To avoid spending so much time looking for what book to read, and what book to prioritize, you need a reading list. To make it easier, this article will walk you through the steps to create a reading list.

Have a Purpose or Goal in Mind for Your Reading List:

Having a purpose in mind or goals you aim to achieve while creating a reading list will help a lot. This is because your purpose and goals will enable you to make a selection that suits your needs. For instance, if the purpose of your reading list is to learn how certain industry experts scaled through a particular hurdle, you will easily focus on books in that niche and thus build a reading list around it.

Visit Local Bookstores or Browse Bookstores Online:

Visit the local bookstores in your area or browse through online bookstores to find great reads to add to your reading list. You might check out Iwe Online Bookstore or to browse some great book collection to include in your reading list.

Add Books related to your Interest in your Reading List:

If you’re passionate about anything, then you should include books dealing with those things you are passionate about. Perhaps you are looking to improve your skill on customer satisfaction, or you’re passionate about presentation, then you should add books about them to your reading list.

Note down Books that Catch Your Interest:

After browsing through booklists via local bookstores and online bookstores, you should note down the varieties that catch your interest. You can use a notebook or use the note app on your mobile to take down notes.

Add Books you’ve been wanting to Read in Your Reading List:

Every avid reader would definitely have that book they have heard so much about and just could not wait to lay hands on them. Such books you have been longing to read should be on your reading list.
Apart from the books you want to read, you can also add academic course books to the reading list.

Create a Reading List with Your Hobbies

Whatever you find as your hobby has a book written about it. Whether it is sports, cooking, writing, dancing and so on, there are millions of books written on these and several other areas. All you need to do is take your time to make a good selection on books relating to your hobby and include on your reading list.

Join a Book Club:

There are so many book clubs you can join either online or offline. Joining a book club will enable you to find great recommendations to include in your reading list.

Add a Variety of Books to your Reading List:

It doesn’t matter if you love fiction more than non-fiction, you should add both to your reading list. You can use a particular variety for relaxation and the other for more serious reads.

Keep Your Reading List Updated:

Each time you read a book on your list; you should tick it out and probably document it in your reading journal. Ticking out and documenting the books you have read, will enable you to keep track of your reading, as well as help you when updating your reading list.

The above steps to create a reading list will help you become a better reader than you used to be and more so, it will help you prioritize what books to spend time on.

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