November 29, 2020, was a remarkable day for all participants and members of the Literary Renaissance Foundation (LRF) as the book reading for Beasts of No Nation took place via one of the most popular meeting platforms, Zoom.

The programme which was scheduled to commence by 7 pm started before the set-time to thrill and prepare the minds of the attendees with short clips from the movie, Beasts of No Nation.


The event officially kicked off by the welcoming and introduction of all who were present and a brief introduction about LRF as well as the reading of the Author’s profile.

Then came the peak of the event! The book reading moment. Everyone listened attentively as the Author, Uzodinma Iweala read his book meticulously. This attracted a lot of intelligent questions from the audience after the reading exercise and of course, the author did justice to the numerous questions.


The meeting ended in a grand style with announcements, the vote of thanks and lastly, another emotional round of video clips of the movie, Beasts of No Nation.


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