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Literary Renaissance

  • Our office is closed for now because of Covid-19. All our operatives are working from home.

    You can reach through:

    +2348030538099, +2348188708026

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About us

The Literary Renaissance Foundation is an advocacy campaign with the following strategic goals:

  • To be the catalysts for the emergence of a new generation of thought-leaders and influencers in Nigeria, and Africa, who love books and learning, and who will eventually step up to leadership positions across all sectors.
  • To engender a thirst for knowledge and a passion for excellence amongst Nigerians...

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  • 19, Oba Avenue
  • Lekki County Homes
  • Ikota Villa Estate
  • Ikota, Lagos.
  • Tel: +2348030538099, +2348188708026
  • Email:




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